TechCrunch Seattle Roundup

16 of Seattle's Next Big Ideas.

Small Dog Studios took a road trip downtown to see what the next generation of Seattle entrepreneurs are bringing to the table at TechCrunch's Seattle Meetup. The event consisted of roughly an hour and a half of mingling and booth-pitches, then an hour of on-stage, 60 second, elevator pitches to the crowd and judges. Here are the summaries companies that participated in the "on-stage" pitch.

TechCrunch pitch-off Seattle judges Photo by @TylerPruitt

Update 7/22/2013: Here is the full list of start-ups registered for the pitch off. Note that it sounds like only 18 of the 23 listed actually took the stage (we only recall 16). Appears some start-ups didn't get the memo, that they had been selected to pitch.

The Startup Contestants Listed alphabetically

  1. CPUsage @CPUsage Small Dog Favorite

    CPUsage delivers dead-simple, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud computing resources to companies with massive computing needs. We do this through CirrusGrid, a powerful platform that allows developers to focus on consuming compute power at scale, not managing it. We do this in part by harnessing the unused compute power of idle computers.
  2. CoachCheetah @CoachCheetah Small Dog Favorite

    Managing a sports team should be fun - Coach Cheetah makes it easy and fast to keep up with your teammates and league. We offer a streamlined process to set up a team, invite teammates, collect fees, schedule games, find subs, and more. Integrating across social media platforms, Coach Cheetah makes sure everyone stays informed, so information goes to the whole team at the push of a button.
  3. DailyDollar @_dailydollar Small Dog Favorite

    Link your credit card, and stop dealing with receipts. You'll be able to view your full receipt immediately right here on or on our future mobile app. (Not in your email- we are allergic to inbox infiltration.) Your digital receipts will have the exact details as your paper copy.
  4. Dynamo Plastics

    Creates lightweight, recyclable, compstable plastic products with insulating and cushioning benefits. Essentally, they are creating a corn based plastic cup that costs 30% less per cup to manufacture. Also, the cup is hollow, creating an insulation property not found in normal plastic cups.
  5. Healtho @Healtho

    Healtho is building a comprehensive and up-to-date healthcare knowledge base and innovating in the next generation of personalized medicine. Currently, we have released a pocket reference app and personal health journal for the iPhone.
  6. HypeJar @HypeJar

    Hypejar is an online community and consumer opinion platform. On Hypejar, you will discover and track future products you will love. Be the first to discover new products that have yet to hit the market. Compile products to make a wish-list. Display and share your collection of favorite images, videos, and news articles.Browse thousands of future products by various filters and attributes. Contribute to a community of early adopters and influencers. Change the world by revealing the true level of demand for upcoming products
  7. iRemodel

    We get between the consumer and contractor during the construction process. Our safeguards ensure the job gets done the way you want it. Coming in 2013! We will be the Google of the construction industry right here in Oak Harbor, Washington!
  8. Loop

    Need to make a quick decision, want instant feedback from friends, or just curious what other people think? Loop in just a few friends or everyone, and get their opinion on the things you want to know.
  9. LootCheck

    Mobile version of Antiques Roadshow. Take photos of your what is laying in your attic and they'll tell you if it's worth anything.
  10. Measured Experience @MeExp

    Through extensive research, we have developed a way to measure the customer and employee experience to help the service industry monitor operation problems. By providing 2-30 second surveys, they are able to leave feedback via dedicated devices placed throughout your property. The information is stored in the cloud and accessible through any connected device. Set-up text message or email alerts for lower ratings to capture unhappy customers before they leave the premises and damage your reputation online or in social media.
  11. Pigeonews

    the ultimate tool to read news and the perfect replacement/improvement for Google Reader. We will find everything for you! Pigeonews is a technological platform that contains a content aggregator, a news aggregator, a RSS feed discovery and aggregator, a search engine, and a lot of intelligent filters to create THE ULTIMATE TOOL to read news and discover content on internet.
  12. Poshlight @poshlightapp

    At Poshlight we aim to build the next generation mobile media processing tools to help mobile users improve their digital medias quality. Creators of Levitagram "Levitation Photography for Dummies!"
  13. RedRide @RedRideCoSmall Dog Favorite

    "Expedia for ride sharing services". Search Uber, Car2go and more all at once. Red Ride is the quickest way to get where you want to go. We bring you the closest, cheapest, and easiest rideshare vehicles under one app. Let's make those wheels go 'round!
  14. SkyJuke @SkyJuke

    SkyJuke is a new app for iOS and Android that allows you and your friends to share and stream music to each other via a WiFi Network. SkyJuke makes a social jukebox out of you and your friends’ songs that everyone can enjoy. With SkyJuke, users add their songs to a shared playlist that can play out of one smartphone or all connected smartphones at the same time. SkyJuke also allows users to create profiles, vote songs to the top or out of the playlist, text chat within the app, search and choose songs from other users’ smartphones, and more. Download SkyJuke so you can stream, share, and discover music with your friends or complete strangers in real life.
  15. StowThat @StowThatCEO Pitch-Off Winner

    AirBnb for storage space.
  16. TempoRun @TempoRunApp

    TempoRun will automatically categorize your music into levels from 1 to 10, based on tempo. Level 1 is a walk, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a sprint! On your run, easily manage your songs and speed. The interface is clean and easy to use, so you can get in, get out, and get back to your run. Get an at-a-glance view of your progress, and keep track of your training history.

You can read TechCrunch's Alex Williams short recap of the event here, complete with a few Flickr galleries.

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