Codeigniter Multi-Dimensional Array Search

Codeigniter ships with an Array Helper, with three functions: element() to fetch an item from an array, random_element() to fetch a random element from an array, and elements() to fetch multiple items out of an array (to use like a filter). What it does not have, is a way to recursively search through a multidimensional array. We've solved this by extending our Array helper with this function recursive_element, which returns the key of it's associated value: /helpers/MY_array_helper.php
$value) {
      if($needle === $value 
        OR (is_array($value) 
          && recursive_element($needle,$value) !== false)) {
        return $current_key;
    return false;
Then use as follows:
$my_things = array(
  'in_hand' => array(
    1 => 'pencil',
    2 => 'candy'
  'in_pocket' => array(
    1 => 'dollar',
    2 => 'gum',
    3 => 'stick'

// Lets find out if we have any candy
if (recursive_element("candy", $my_things) !== FALSE) 
  echo "I have candy!";
  echo "No candy here...";

// Results in "I have candy!"
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