Codeigniter Dynamic Table View

Here is a dynamic view for the PHP MVC framework CodeIgniter. This view will take an associative array and turn it into a table, with allowing for some additional setting parameters, such as a class name on the table. First we need to setup the multi-dimensional array that contains our table data. Each key of our $data array will be a column. So using the example below we will have a three column table of `Things I like`, `Places I Go`, and `Widgets`. Also we will add a class of `my-great-table` to the table itself. For CSS and JS purposes.
$table_data = array(
      "class" => "my-great-table",
      "data" => array(
        "Things I Like" => array(
        "Places I Go" => array(
          "Place 1",
          "Place 2", 
          "Place 3",
        "Widgets" => array(
          "Widget 1",
          "Widget 2",
Notice that you can have different length columns, but if you need data to stay aligned because you're missing data in the middle of a column then you need to make sure something is there in the array (either a blank string or NULL, etc). Additionally, each column gets a secondary generic class of col-N, so to style the second column of our above table we would use .my-great-table .col-1 { font-weight: bold }
  /*  Table view dynamically creates a html table based on the data passed
   *  It takes the @data keys as column titles, displays the titles, then uses them
   *  to create a 2 factor lookup while looping thru the array, allowing a table to be created
   *  @data         array       Keys are the column names, values are for each table cell, by column
   *  @class        string      Optional. If you want a class name on the table
  $column_names = array(); // to store the column names from the data keys

  if ( !is_array($data) )
    echo "Error: You must specify at least one column";

  foreach ($data as $column_name => $array)
    $column_names[] = $column_name;

  echo "";
  echo "";

  foreach ($column_names as $column_name)
    echo "";

  echo "";

  // find the longest column
  $longest_column_count = 0;
  foreach ($data as $column_data)
    if (count($column_data) > $longest_column_count)
      $longest_column_count = count($column_data);

  // display the data
  // loop thru each row of data
  for ($i = 0; $i < $longest_column_count; $i++ )
    echo "";

    // loop thru each column of each row
    for ($g = 0; $g < count($column_names); $g++ )
      echo "";

      // advance to the next row
      next ($data[ current($column_names) ]);
      // advance to the next column
      next ($column_names);

    echo "";

  echo "
". $column_name . "
". current($data[ current($column_names) ]) ."
Things I LikePlaces I GoWidgets
Thing1Place 1Widget 1
Thing2Place 2
Place 3Widget 2
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